Wisdom Teeth Removal

At our Thornhill dental clinic, our dentists offers expert wisdom tooth extraction services for both simple and complex cases.

Simple cases involve extracting wisdom teeth that have fully erupted, while more complex cases require extracting wisdom teeth that are impacted and still partially situated underneath the gum. This necessitates a surgical opening of the gum to access the tooth, followed by stitching the tissue closed following extraction.

Read on to learn about wisdom teeth, and why it is recommended in many cases to have them surgically removed.

What to know about wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth, alternatively referred to as third molars, generally begin to erupt in a person’s mouth when they’re in their late teens or early twenties. For a large majority of people, wisdom teeth can unfortunately be painful and go on to cause problems - while for others, they may experience no pain or discomfort whatsoever - and may not even ever develop wisdom teeth in the first place!

But with that being said, the third molars that may not be causing any problems now, may very well pose a threat to one’s oral health in the future.

When and why can wisdom teeth become problematic?

Wisdom teeth often erupt only partially (impacted wisdom teeth), or may come through at an improper angle or position. Misaligned third molars can potentially cause harm to adjacent teeth, or may lead to crowding, bite issues, and commonly, pain.

Furthermore, the flap of gingival tissue that covers the part of the impacted wisdom tooth still buried underneath the gum can very easily trap bacteria and food particles, leading to instances of periodontal infection along with a higher risk of tooth decay.

Even wisdom teeth that fully erupt out of the gum and are perfectly aligned can present issues as they are harder to reach and clean, thus increasing risk of infection.

Dealing with problematic wisdom teeth, or not sure if they’ll become a problem one day?

It’s wise to listen to what your dentist recommends about how to manage your wisdom teeth.

Every case is different, so there will be a different appropriate course of action for every patient. It’s also important to note that wisdom tooth extractions have a lower rate of complication in patients under the age of 25, when the bones that surround the teeth are softer.

In most cases, patients are better off having their wisdom teeth removed. If you’ve been dealing with any wisdom tooth concerns, schedule a visit with Thornhill Smiles Dental team today!