Teeth Whitening

When a smile is vibrant and white, heads tend to turn! Are you happy with the current shade of your teeth, or could you use a little brightening up?

If your teeth have taken on a dull or yellowish hue over time, you’re not alone! Our teeth can stain or discolour relatively easily – especially when we consume certain foods or beverages regularly. Fortunately, our Thornhill teeth whitening treatment can dramatically brighten a patient's smile and boost their confidence!

Teeth Whitening

Patients can whiten their smiles using a take-home whitening kit that our dentist will supply along with instructions. When a patient whitens at home, they'll typically need to apply the treatment product using custom-fitted trays over a certain number of days, depending on their desired result. While this method does take more patience and following of instructions, it is less costly and can deliver just as stunning of a result.

Ready to show off a brighter, more attractive smile?

If your smile could use a shade boost and you're ready to try a safe and effective solution to the problem, our Thornhill dentist and team has you covered.

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