Dental Implant: Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dental Implants Affordable? (And Other FAQ Regarding This Restorative Procedure Answered)

If you’ve been considering a restoration with dental implants but still have questions regarding affordability and other factors, keep reading!

Our Thornhill dentist is here to answer your most common questions regarding dental implants:

Question: Can I afford dental implants?

Answer:Many people suffer from tooth loss, and a considerable percentage of those people are hesitant to consult a dentist about restoration with dental implants due to a fear of not being able to afford it. But the reality is, most dental procedures such as dental implants do require prompt action for the best outcome. Following tooth loss or extraction, dental implants should be placed as soon as possible to ensure no loss of the bone and jaw; preserving a healthy and attractive facial structure.

While dental implants can be a costly procedure, especially when compared to other restorative procedures like crowns and bridges - the good news is that most insurance plans will cover a good portion of the cost.

In addition to this, our Thornhill dental clinic proudly offers 0% Dental Financing Plans OAC on approved credit through the Teeth First Dental Network, which will help to make your dental implants procedure (or any procedure) much more affordable by providing you with more flexibility and time to pay at a pace that works best for you

Question: Are dental implants painful?

Answer: The dental implant procedure itself should not be painful, as you will receive local anesthetic and can also choose to receive deep sedation. There is some pain or discomfort particularly in the gums to be expected following the procedure, which should typically last no longer than a few days. This pain can be simply managed in the meantime with the use of over the counter pain medication.

Question: What happens during a typical procedure?

Answer: Once your jaw bone is ready for implantation, you will visit our dentist in Thornhill to have it placed. You will receive a local anesthetic and may be sedated if you wish, and the implant will be strategically placed into the jaw.

Following this, you will undergo a healing phase (also known as osseointegration) over several months, where the implant will gradually fuse and become one with the bone. Once you are completely healed, you will visit us to finally have your new artificial tooth fixed to the implant.

Question: Are dental implants safe?

Answer: Dental implants are very safe! This common procedure has been successfully performed by trained dental professionals for many years, with an almost 95% success rate. They also have the ability to last a lifetime with proper daily oral hygiene and care.

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